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    Collecting Sand Fleas For Bait!

    Trying Out My NEW Aluminum Sand Flea Rake - Also Known As Sand Turtles!

    Every sand flea that i caught was devoured within minutes! Too many small bait grabbers around today. This area wasn't a...
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    SPYDRO Underwater!

    More Underwater Footage By Spydro The Underwater Camera!

    Another day filming underwater in a protected lagoon. I was getting stormed on from high winds from pouring rain that was very sporadic....
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    Got Crab? How To Catch Bait!

    The Secret To Catching Crabs? Keep Your Eyes On The Prize!

    One of my not so best kept secrets about baiting is using live crab! It's an easy bait to catch if you know how. I call these type of...
  4. Lagoon Life Caught by SPYDRO UW Cam!

    Spydro Pierces Through The Murk Of A Lagoon!

    This day i spent most of the day under an umbrella as a rain squall kept me under the umbrella most of that cold day. It was wet & cold. The lagoon was...
  5. SPYDRO Witnesses Life in Hawaii's Sand Channel!

    From The Surface It Looks Dead on the Sand. Looks Can be Deceiving!

    After showing the shallow reef flats i'm now looking into deeper waters on the sand flats. Also less chance of getting the unit...
  6. Secrets of Hawaii's Reefs Revealed by Spydro UW Cam!

    Spydro Underwater Camera Was Tossed In 30min Before Sunrise!

    During this video i condensed over 3hr of 30sec clips into 20min. Of course it started out darker with less fish around to the normal...
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    Pier Fishing All Nighter!

    Catching Live Bait For Slide Fishing At Night!

    It was nice to spend the night fishing. No wind last night so the mosquitos were relentless! Got there at lunchtime and proceeded to catch live bait...
  8. Why Use Reflective Tape On Your Rod For Night Fishing?

    Part Of Personalizing Your Gear!

    Fishing at night requires different gear & concerns. On jet black nights it may be hard to locate your rigs. This is why i use light reflective tape by 3M. I've...

    Okuma's Long Awaited High End Cedros Spinning Reel For 2020!

    I've been waiting to try this spinner since i was sent the iCast PowerPoint information about it months ago. Okuma's first high quality...
  10. Reverse Spooling Used Fishing Line Saves Money!

    Spinners To Conventionals! Braid Or Monofilament! This Works!

    Recently i started to re-vamp all my rigs. Because of the high usage i put on my gear i take a few days every year to re-lube the...
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    SPYDRO Pierces Dirty Water!

    What's Going On Down Below The Murk?

    On the surface it's murky and no signs of life. But below life is teaming all over. The silt is soo soft that sometimes the Spydro Camera sinks into it like...
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    Mystery Strike Solved!

    Spydro UW Camera Caught The Strike!

    Most times when i lose a strike i really don't know what struck the hook. Pufferfish? Eel? Turtle? This time i had an active Spydro Underwater Camera attached....
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    Live Baiting My NEW 10' Nesika Rod!

    Used A Live Baitfish After Hours of Using Frozen Ika "Squid" & Got A Bite Within Minutes!

    I'm still using Okuma's new Nesika Surf Rods. I've now fished using the 9', 10' & 12'. If i found any...
  14. How I Rigged My NEW Nesika 9' Spinning Rod!

    1st Look At The New Okuma Nesika 9' Spinning Rod!

    Originally intended for release in 2020 Okuma's Nesika Surf Rod line will compliment the Rockaway Surf Rod Line. They both incorporate the same...
  15. SPYDRO Seeks Out Mullets & Bonefish In The Murk!

    May Be Murky But There's Jacks, Sharks, Goatfish, Surgeonfish, Mullets & Bonefish Lurking Around!

    With the full moon highs & lows coupled with the recent flooding downpours i knew this location...
  16. Live Crab Works Over Frozen Squid "Ika"!

    Cannot Beat Live Bait! But No Table Fare For Tonight:(

    I decided to use my Spydro Underwater Camera today. Water clarity was very poor due to the extreme full moon tides stirring-up the bottom....
  17. The NEW Okuma 2020 Nesika Surf Rods-Tested & Approved! (Part#2)

    Will Be Using All 3 Sizes Whipping Flies & Dunking Live Baits!

    I started this morning combining the 4K & 6K Blue Azores Spinning Reels to all 3 sizes of the MH Nesika Surf Rods (9', 10', 12'). I...
  18. The NEW Okuma 2020 Nesika Surf Rods-Reviewed! (Part#1)

    This is Part#1 dealing with the specifications of Okuma's NEW Nesika Surf Rod for 2020, look below for the continued link for Part#2 which is about testing the Nesika in the field for spin & bait...
  19. SPYDRO Underwater! Bonefish & Friends!

    From My UW Camera Files That Was About To Be Deleted!

    I haven't used my UW video camera in awhile so i was recharging it & it seems i still had files in that massive 32gb internal memory from my...
  20. Self Adjustable Dual Hook Leader System For Live Baiting!

    Self Adjustable Leadering System For Live & Dead Baiting!

    This leadering system works. Last year i hooked into a large GT using this EXACT same system, the only difference was i used 2 Mustad 4/0 ...
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    Re: Large Sand Flea Rake - Assembled!

    I was raised in Hawaii but was exposed to this type of sand flea rake in my +20yrs of going to Pompano Beach, FL. We have sand turtles here but the Floridian ones are easily 2-3x the size of ours. It...
  22. Okuma's NEW Blue Azores 8000 Spinning Reel Is Here!

    Okuma's Blue Azores 8K Spinning Reel Is Here!

    This reel was at iCast 2019 in Orlando. Slowly the new 4K, 6K & now the 8K has made it's way to your favorite local US tackle shops. These are...
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    Large Sand Flea Rake - Assembled!

    58" Removeable Long Handled Sand Flea Rake For Surf Casters!

    I recently found this Sand Flea Rake online by Exact Design & i thought i'd try it. Comes in 4 major pieces with tools & extra...
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    Hey! Okuma Makes Rod Racks!

    Strong ABS Plastic Rod Holder For Your Rods & Reels By Okuma!

    I really needed several rod racks because i was filling 5gal buckets to leaning rods in the corners & closet. Then came Davey Brown to...
  25. The REAL Cortez Experience! The Cortez CZ-55Wa Reel!

    The Cortez Reel Experience by Okuma! Jigging! Trolling! Casting!

    This reel was discontinued by Okuma a few years ago. It's still a popular trolling reel on the West US Coast to the shore casters...
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