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  1. Re: Can you tell the species of fish you've hooked from the fight?

    80% of the time yes ,but theres always the ones who fool your experiance by impersonating a different fish .if you hold your rod with a tight line still after you've set the hook and watch your tip...
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    Re: Reel seat slipping, repair?

    i'll probably go with the cut and shunt method ,as this give me the most scope i'll cut the handle a little below the reel position .then refit the reel seat and glue it back together with a longish...
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    Re: Reel seat slipping, repair?

    i have a simular problem ,i have a 15ft gti harrison float rod ,the previous owner had lashed on a fugi clamp plate reel fitting ,they'd obviously broken the graphite reel bands ,but instead of doing...
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    Re: Reel seat slipping, repair?

    i'd probably remove a cork ring or three ,then reglue seat ,then replace the rings i'd removed ,probably moving the position down a little too give more of a fore grip .
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    Re: River Derwent

    not sure of whats what these days ,but a mile or three above ambergate is whatstandswell bridge ,next too the bridge is a hotel ,they still do day tickets ,from belper to cromford is mostly controled...
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    Aldi tackle time again..on the 15th

    some nice little bits ,lures ,l.e.d cap ,flyrod ,baits etc etc and polerized glasses as recommended by fishingmagic forum members ! no less
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    Re: Aldi Fishing Tackle Coming

    i guess you wont be partaking of the angling offers Aldi will be offering on the 15th then ,and you call yourself a fishingmagic member .when aldi's fishing tackle is endorsed by fishingmagic forums...
  8. Re: What would you say is the BEST fishing Reel ever to be made ?

    i'd have to agree on the mitchells ,but my favourites are the 410's ,i wasn't so keen on the 300's too slow and the handles too short ,and although i had six mitchell match's in the eighties ,i soon...
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    Re: Float Rubbers

    you could find silicon tubing on e-bay ,or you could choose to buy from here knowing they've been selected especiallt for the job by someone who knows what he's doing.
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    Re: Zen Master...

    if you like the design of the zen master (skeletal) then get a bid in on this

    centre pin reel | eBay

    much better reel

    better still buy this dam (the origanal skeletel design) rather than...
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    Re: Custom built rods

    the thing with custom built rods is ,partly the cost of the blank (most being british made ,so pricier than Chinese mass produced blanks) and mostly labour charges as its not a overnight job and time...
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    Re: Flouro yellow for quivers

    you need two paints ,a base white (plastikote flat white or dulux pure brilliant white taster pot) and this yellow

    eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace

    don't use any varnish/clear top coat...
  13. Re: Any chance of another Grayling fish in this autumn and winter ?

    yes ,the premier inn ,i know it well ,i passed it several times ,trying to find the travel lodge where i'd booked a room .i was down there in march for a end of season bash with "AN" site .i know...
  14. Re: Any chance of another Grayling fish in this autumn and winter ?

    if its on the L.I.F i'd be interested ,i cant do anything this year as i've no holidays left and i now work saturdays and the work shedule is already worked out ,but next year ,thats a different...
  15. Thread: Chevin

    by chavender

    Re: Chevin

    what a stupid name to call things ,i mean chavender it sounds so pompus
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    Re: Fuji FRS reel seats

    i don't think they make the cam lock fittings anymore ,i can recommend the john roberts reelfit fittings alternative

    John Roberts Realfit Reel Fittings - Reel Seats - Reel Seats
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    Re: Trapper or Catcher ?

    i'm a hunter ,sometimes i catch them ,sometimes i trap them and sometimes i get caught(out) by the fish.
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    Re: Talking To Yourself Whilst Angling

    i've had gudgeon & perch talk to me ,didn't understand a word though ,so just ignored them and threw them back
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    Re: Talking To Yourself Whilst Angling

    you mean its not normal ,i've done it all my life ,i talk to myself (in the first person & third person narative) ,i talk to the fish .i talk to inanimate objects i even talk to my computer or rather...
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    Re: Which is most difficult?

    as i live close to the trent i love fishing it ,and never being quite sure what'll come too the net next .but my real passion is small river fishing ,and i'm quite furtunate that the local river...
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    Re: Which Type of Coarse Fishing Do You Do ?

    i'm mostly a all rounder ,although i don't get too sea fish very often ,i'm happy just to fish ,but catching is nice as well even if its just minnows or the occasional bonus bigger fish ,i don't mark...
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    Re: Are we hunters?

    to hunt is to persue /to search out ,to hunt doesn't mean to kill ,i hunt fish ,i plan my hunt ,i seek signs to follow (i track my pray) and sometimes i actually catch what i seek ,but mostly i catch...
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    Re: How to test a Hooks Sharpness

    i must be doing it wrong i stick in in my thumb (not the nail) ,if it bleeds then its very sharp ,if i wince its sharp enough ,if it bounces off its blunt .

    how often do i test ,everytime i think...
  24. Re: what fishing gear have you sold and then regretted get shut

    your's is a later version of the origanal ones ,the first ones come with a full cork handle then later the abrieviated duplon handle was a option both twin tops .
  25. Re: what fishing gear have you sold and then regretted get shut

    I sold my origanal jw avon quiver ,which i'd had for 10years or so too replace it with the newer (well new then) jw avon/quiver system (first version with green blank) oh dear it was good but not as...
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