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    Pier Fishing At Night!

    It was a fun night with friends! Here's a few selected clips of what went on from sunset to sunrise:)

  2. SPYDRO Captures The Skittish Bonefish!

    The Reef Flat's off Hawaii is Revealed!

    Bonefish are extremely shy fish that are hard to approach & harder to catch. Recently i've been improving my system with different techniques & baiting. My...
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    Re: Bait used in sea fishing

    I like to buy a box of squid. After i defrost everything i make doubled sandwich bags & separate everything. I add sea salt crystals to the bags. The salt toughens the bait. I also do this with...
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    Nocturnal Shark Week!

    Bait Casting At Night In Shark Infested Waters!

    Last night saw a lot of strikes from Bonefish to Jacks & Needlefish. Even a monster Burrfish Puffer. It was +3/4 moon phase and was fairly lit-up....
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    Choose Your Hooks & Knots Wisely!

    When To Use A Palomar Knot & A Snell Knot!

    Recently i've been getting asked a lot about my leaders. The type of hooks i use to the knots i employ. I think showing what i found that works for my...
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    Bonefish Flats To The Drop-Off!

    Spydro UW Footage Using Okuma Fishing Gear!

    Today i was following the inside schools of O'io "Bonefish" as i'm now getting used to their habits in this one area. I used salted frozen Ika...
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    Signs That You Caught A Pufferfish!

    Puffers Can Be A Nuisance But It's Part Of Fishing!

    On days that desirable species can't be caught most anglers in Hawaii grumble about catching Pufferfish (i get teased by my buddies all the...
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    More Bonefish "O'io" Off The Pier!

    Corey Gokan Had A Fat Keeper & I Released My Small O'io (Bonefish)!

    Today might be the last day of fishing for awhile as the remains of one Hurricane is passing by South of the Islands & there's...
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    The Underwater Flats of Hawai'i!

    Using Okuma Fishing Rigs w/Spydro Underwater Cameras!

    It takes awhile to compile enough raw footage to put together a video like this. Three hours underwater shooting equals roughly 10 minutes of...
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    Pier Fishing For Bonefish!

    Landed The Bonefish Thanks To Okuma & Gorilla Grip Gloves!

    Earlier i caught 2 Pufferfish so when the strike bell rang i was expecting the same type of fish. But this time there was more weight so...
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    Fresh Crab Legs By Spydro!

    Shore Caught Not Bought:)

    I've used live crabs for years & i've always caught. Species included sharks, rays, jacks, ladyfish, threadfins, barracudas, bonefish, you get it. Almost anything. There...
  12. Re: Spydro! The "Looking Glass" of Anglers! On Okuma Rig!

    I didn't know that term. Now i do. I have a good following but love sharing my new love, the underwater world! I got the 16gb Spydro used but looking at purchasing the 32gb new. Just have to convince...
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    More Hits & Misses!

    Another Frustrating Day Trying To Relax:(

    Some days are good, other days can be frustrating. I was getting hits all day, large & small strikes on all rigs with live & dead bait.But noting solid...
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    The Shallows - Spydro & Okuma!

    Chumming The Shallows In Hawaii!

    I've shown some underwater videos of using the Spydro Camera while fishing. This unit also comes with a form fitting foam jacket to be used on the surface as well....
  15. Re: Spydro! The "Looking Glass" of Anglers! On Okuma Rig!

    A thirty? Not sure what you're asking, sorry.
  16. Spydro! The "Looking Glass" of Anglers! On Okuma Rig!

    Fishing Through Spydro's Underwater Cameras Lens!

    Spent the moonlit night casting live bait. 2 big hits but they spit the hook. Spent the following morning taking underwater videos at daybreak. A...
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    Live Baiting Mishap!

    Unexpected Hook-Up While Live Baiting!

    Today i was catching live bait for shore casting. In 1 scoop i picked-up so much "Nehu" baitfish that i threw most of them back. I was loosing that bait to...
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    Does LineDancer Really Work?

    How Good Is LineDancer? Does It Really Entice Fish To Strike?

    I've been using LineDancer for over 6yrs. When you can go whipping "spin casting" at night during a bright full moon & still catch...
  19. Why Put Reflective Tape On Your Sand & Rock Spikes?

    There are several reasons why i put light reflective tape on my sand & rock spikes.
    1) Lets others know those pieces belong to me.
    2) At night you may not see the sand spikes protruding out of the...
  20. The BEST Fishing Rod Accessory Just Got Better!

    For Spinning & Conventional Rigs! Fresh or Saltwater!

    For years Tony Lopez of Fishing Solutions has been producing small & large diameter sized Bell Buddies for Hawaii's anglers. These Bell...
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    Fishing Spydro UW Camera w/Okuma!

    Ever Wonder What's Happening Down Under?

    Today i used Big Vic's Bait Netting stuffed with frozen shrimp to entice reef fish to pose for the Spydro Underwater Camera. I made 3 sets from 6ft to 15ft...
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    Hits & Misses All Day:(

    When It's Not Your Day, It's Not Your Day! This Was That Day!

    It happens to everyone. One day you're stuffing the freezer with fish & the next you're going through McDonald's drive through for...
  23. Spydro UW Camera & Okuma Surf Casting Rig!

    What Happens Underwater When You're Fishing?

    I just got my replacement Spydro Underwater Camera in from Spydro based in Israel so after charging it up i decided to give this unit a trial run to...
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    Chubs For Tasty Sashimi!

    Jared Free Lining For Chubs Off A Pier!

    Chubs or Rudder Fish are delicious raw or cooked. I also have tried ceviche style & it was a winner! Because they have small mouths small hooks are...
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    Bay Casting For Bonefish!

    1 of 2 Strikes That Didn't Break My 50lb Monofilament!

    This morning i decided to leave while dark so i could set-up my rigs to watch the sunrise. I caught a rock crab for live bait & got a monster...
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