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  1. Re: Fishing method you are unlikely to pursue

    it's Paul Kozyra.
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    Re: How did you get on?

    The weather is starting to get on my wick. Just as the rivers get close to being fishable, it chucks it down. For over two weeks it hasn't come close to normal level. This and other circumstances...
  3. Re: Fishing method you are unlikely to pursue

    Semerwater is a real rarity in the area. A natural large stillwater venue with a good stock of silverfish. As such it's a popular match venue with many either side of the Pennines. Though the bream...
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    Re: Any Daiwa 120M experts?

    There was a time that I was quite keen to find out for myself. However, after failing to find any kind of fluted float for much less than £10 a pop, I contented myself with not bothering.
  5. Re: Fishing method you are unlikely to pursue

    It's a nightmare of a place. I've never fished it in pleasant conditions, even when it was glorious in the Vale of York when I set off. In a similar vein, I've never been to the closest town, Hawes,...
  6. Re: Fishing method you are unlikely to pursue

    the water you saw was Semerwater, up in the wilds of Wensleydale.

    I'm reluctant to say never, but it's highly unlikely that I'll ever give any form of predator fishing a go ever again....
  7. Re: The 50lber – Let’s see the doubters’ ‘proof’!

    Serious car crashes and a good catfight attract lots of attention. It doesn't automatically follow that lots of attention means it's a good thing.
  8. Re: The 50lber – Let’s see the doubters’ ‘proof’!

    Sorry Eddie, I'm missing nothing, not one thing. I'm afraid that you, and others involved, are too caught up in this nonsense to be objective about it. If the Carp Society had been remotely sensible,...
  9. Re: The 50lber – Let’s see the doubters’ ‘proof’!

    Whatever I believe is irrelevant. I have no interest in, or influence on, the Carp Society, or its members, past or present.

    As I said before. The kernel of the story is that a bloke caught a big...
  10. Re: The 50lber – Let’s see the doubters’ ‘proof’!

    There's absolutely nothing new here. Nothing is going to change, it's utterly futile. Just a couple of collections of mates with opposing views of a saga of no real significance. Regardless of...
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    Re: The Boddington fish in thread...

    Sorry Simon, I didn't think I'd said anything remotely concrete with regards to coming. Unfortunately, my folks have disappeared on a holiday, leaving me as chief in charge of very elderly ailing...
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    Re: greys greyflex m2 SNAPPED!

    If you don't take up the offer, then Greys are unlikely to be able to do anything else for you. Rather than turning them down, you may be better served in taking it and selling. All the while keep...
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    Re: The red stuff.

    Robin Red in itself doesn't have a high oil content. It depends on the underlying bait that it's applied to, or mixed with. Similar story with boilies there's nothing particularly high oil about...
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    Re: Chub and the future

    I think that many rivers are in a similar boat, and not just for chub, barbel are certainly similar. Dwindling numbers of bigger fish, varying numbers of small fish (not that anglers generally see...
  15. Thread: Bait Aprons

    by sam vimes

    Re: Bait Aprons

    I don't recall seeing bait aprons/smocks from any other main tackle manufacturers in recent years. Maggot bags/pouches are becoming similarly scarce. Both are simply a long way from being...
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    Re: How did you get on?

    You missed the window of opportunity in the middle weeks of September. I was out fishing on the river nearly every day for two weeks. Since then, the river has been up and down (or up a lot more),...
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    Re: How did you get on?

    Nice to see some pics of decent weather. It started raining in my location at tea time last night. It hasn't stopped since. The rivers that were just about returning to a sensible level have shot...
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    Re: Afternoon from Mansfield

    Bob Draper was a reasonably well known rod builder, often associated with better known brand names such as Rodrill and Bob Church Rods. If it says that it's hand made, or hand built, it probably is....
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    Re: Striking fish?

    The way I strike will be dictated by circumstance. The surroundings, method, weather conditions, distance and flow/tow (inc direction) will all have an influence. There's no single way to strike for...
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    Re: How did you get on?

    The weather was nice, but the rivers were far too full for me to bother. Rather than pass up on a nice day, I decided to visit the winter roach pool well ahead of schedule. The snag was always going...
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    Re: Companies like marukyu...

    I very much doubt that Marukyu UK made much money. They were an importer of a product that didn't really take off, was deemed too expensive by most, and struggled to shift even when heavily...
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    Re: All change yet again.

    I dropped the idea of repeatedly targeting a single species. I find that I get fed up with fishing unless I mix things up (venues, species, and sizes). I much prefer to target whatever is likely to...
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    Re: How did you get on?

    After a frustrating day watching the threatened rain fail to materialise, I went for a spur of the moment trip to the river for a couple of hours. I knew that there was going to be over a foot of...
  24. Re: Advice on What to Buy for Course Fishing

    The type of gear you might look to buy will depend greatly on the type of venues you intend to fish. Depending on the answer, it may not be unreasonable to suggest a pole of some description, but rod...
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    Re: How did you get on?

    A change of scenery for me today. Another new stretch of river to have a look at. Didn't stay for too long, and I doubt it'll be a regular venue, but I did quite enjoy it. Sixteen grayling, three...
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