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    Mustad's NEW Zippy Jigs For 2020!

    What Are Zippy Jigs & How Can I Use Them?

    Zippy Jigs are specially bottom weighted for long distance casting from the boat or shoreline. In production testing it has been proven a successful jig...
  2. Why Offset Hooks Are Good For Whipping Grubs!

    Mustad's offset "Bait Holder-Sliced Shank" Sickle Hook Review!

    I chose this type of hook for 2 reasons.
    1) Offset tip.
    2) Shank sickles.

    I needed a multipurpose day & day whipping hook (spin...
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    Mustad's NEW InkVader Octopus Lure!

    This is a dry review of Mustad's newest jigging & casting lure!

    The InkVader was originally released late last year but issues arose on the initial shipment so we had to wait on the following...
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    I Thought Mustad Only Made Hooks?

    Mustad Does Make Terminal Fishing Gear Besides Hooks!

    Mustad Fishing started in 1832 in a small town in Norway & has been selling fishing tackle & accessories since 1877. Known for pioneering the...
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    Can We Still Fish in Hawaii?

    In These Crazy Times Yes We Can Fish- Just got to Follow The Rules!

    I've been asked many times during this Pandemic if we can fish in Hawaii? So i emailed DLNR to get the final say in this crazy...
  6. The Modified 15-5 Albright Knot For Braid to Fluoro!

    Why Use This Knot & The Advantages to Using it!

    Why go all braid, all monofilament, or just top shot a braid backing? I'll explain how i fill my reels to meet my needs of shore casting different...
  7. What Type of Fishing Rod Should i Get?

    What is the Difference Between a Fishing Rod & a Fishing Pole?

    I'll be covering the nomenclature of a fishing rod vs a fishing pole. S or C classification? Also what is considered a fishing rod?...
  8. Guide Select Pro & Helios-My NEW Whipping Rig!

    Rig Synopsis & How I Rig It For Whipping The Shorelines!

    Years ago i started out Whipping "Spin Casting" the shorelines using Fenwicks. Then i discovered the T40X Salmon Steelhead series by Okuma....
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    Field Testing my NEW Spydro Camera!

    Water Was Murky But Always Fascinating to Watch!

    I was field testing my NEW spin casting "Whipping" rig from Okuma. The Guide Select Pro w/a Helios SX40 spinning reel. So i decided to cast out my...
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    My Guide Select Pro Rod Review!

    1st Day Field Testing This Rod Was a Success!

    Years ago i fell in love with Okuma's T40X Salmon Steelhead Trout rod. By the time i got my 7'9", 9'6" & 10'9" i had started a local demand & local...
  11. SPYDRO Hits THe Beautiful North Shore Underwater!

    SPYDRO's Vacation Up North on Oahu!

    I've been fishing this spot for years for Omilu "Blue Fin Trevally". I've always had issues with my bait being stripped away within 5min if i'm casting before...
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    Nothing But Misses:(

    Hits Bait. Runs. Dives Into The Reef. Repeat!

    Took me over an hour to reach this spot but it's a gorgeous area. I've always had my bait eaten fast here but above water i can't tell what species...
  13. Ultimate Nomad Fishing Backpack by Okuma!

    Secrets Out! Use Fishing Butlers to Carry Your Rods w/Reels on it!


    I love fishing backpacks, belly pouches & carry bags. I'm always changing...
  14. 1st Look at Okuma's Coronado Baitfeeder Reel!

    How Does This Coronado CDX-65 Spinning Reel Function?

    Years ago i purchased the Okuma Trios-65 Baitfeeder from Sports Authority. On the first day using it i hooked 2 hard fighting Eagle Nose Rays....
  15. Use Ribbon Spools to Save Used Fishing Line!

    Why Waste $1,000's Spent on Line? Re-use or Give it Away!

    Every year i spend easily over a $1,000 just on spooling my reels. Now i'm using Soft Steel fishing line (ie Eminent Braid,...
  16. Re: Okuma Helios HSX-40S Reel Spooled w/Soft Steel Braid!

    I used to use Stradics, but this is much lighter & cheaper too.
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    The NEW Nesika Rod at Night!

    Blue on Blue Okuma Combo w/a Blue Azores 6K Spinner!

    From the earlier units to the final off the shelf product this rod has never disappointed me. Patterned after the original Rockaway, the surf...
  18. NEW 2020 Release! Okuma Cedros Spinning Reel!

    This Summer The 4K & 6K Sizes Will Be Available!

    Last year i fell in love with the look & power of the Blue Azores! I had purchased my first Azores Spinner from Sports Authority before they closed...
  19. The Okuma T40X Inspired My Guide Select Pro Rod Choice!

    The Original Okuma Red T40X Rod Lives Again in The Guide Select Line!

    Roughly 5yrs ago i bought my first Okuma TX40 Float Rod online. After i fell in love with it for whipping "spin casting" I...
  20. Modified My Palomar Knot After Re-spooling My Cedros Reel!

    Used 80lb Eminent Braid By Soft Steel For My Okuma Cedros 14K Reel!

    Normally i'd go to town & spend a small fortune spooling line onto new reels after receiving new equipment. But thanks to Soft...
  21. Okuma Helios HSX-40S Reel Spooled w/Soft Steel Braid!

    Spooled Using Sportsman Innovation's Large Fishon Line Spooler!

    Today my first large shipment of fishing gear arrived for 2020. Not new products for me to evaluate & field test but rather items i...
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    Life Underwater in a Cove! By SPYDRO!

    Threadfins! Jacks! Baitfish! Goatfish! Surgeonfish! Mullets! Blennies! Barracuda!And a Monster Samoan Crab!

    4th day out fishing & doing vids, 4 different Samoan Crab encounters. Must be the month!...
  23. Samoan Crab Eats Mangrove Crab Surf Casting!

    It was Hooked But The Leg Broke Off!

    I was out there casting off those cliffs at 5am. Water was muddy from 5 days of heavy rains. The swells dropped to 4-6ft so i decided to cast a few lines. I...
  24. My YouTube Action Cam For Fishing! Now How to Use It?

    Let Me Suggest & Familiarize You To My Choice of Action Cameras!

    Over the years i've tried a lot of action cams. Contour, Akaso, OnReal, Yi Lite, Yi 4K, GoPro 5 & 7. I thought the GoPros would be...
  25. SPYDRO Underwater Camera Modifications!

    For Shore Casting Live or Dead Baits!

    When i first started using the Spydro Underwater Camera i realized it was mainly meant for trolling & jigging off a boat. Nobody had any videos online showing...
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