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  1. Re: Legering on rivers for pike

    Better still (imho) saw a groove half way through any grade of drilled bullet with a hacksaw and find a softish plastic/silicon tubing that will pull into the groove reasonably tightly with a little...
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    Re: Contradiction

    I can fully understand different people having different outlooks on the validity of joining the ATr, but why on earth does a discussion about the merits of such always have to descend into such...
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    Re: Contradiction

    I think that is the relevant point tbh. If the Trust is supported and given a chance to grow into its role and 'fine tune' its administrative processes hopefully it will become the organisation we...
  4. Re: When did you last catch a minnow

    It must be a regional thing then because just about every pond, creek, stream and a few of the drains around here are heaving with them. No shortage of minnows in the local rivers either. :confused:
  5. Re: Why do you think angling has become so polarised

    Absolutely spot on IMHO. I've used my Daiwa Whiska Kevlar carp rods (2lb and 2.5lb) for Bass, Garfish, Pollack, Wrasse, Mackerel, Dogfish, Pike Chub, Barbel, Zander, Bream, Tench. Eels and of course...
  6. Re: New Partnership to Tackle Invasive Crays

    I trap them now and then but to be honest Mark, for my money, the hassle in preparing them to eat makes it a bit of a chore. I'm not sure the rewards justify the effort tbh. I reckon you need thirty...
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    Re: fishermens blues

    I think some chap was telling Nigel that various people, known anglers and unknown ones, have contributed to a book. Each person giving an account of their favourite capture.

    I was only half...
  8. Re: vintage,and no i'm not talking about my age

    "I'm sure it wouldn't make my fishing easier or me a more successful angler but it might just put a smile on my face and that's the important thing."

    Vintage tackle isn't particularly my bag, but...
  9. Re: are these guys fishing gods or fishing frauds

    I wouldn't use the term 'god' but for my money our modern top tier match anglers are among the greatest anglers we've ever seen.

    Despite at no stage ever having been a match angler myself, I've...
  10. Re: what are your magic books.

    Excellent, thanks for that Paul, I'll have a read when I get the time. :)
  11. Re: what are your magic books.

    I've heard this author's name many times over the years but never come across any of his books to have a read of. Are they easily obtained?
  12. Re: what are your magic books.

    In respect of actually inspiring me into and along as a junior angler, I can't remember the exact title, but a little paperback book on pike from Woolies by Barry Rickards and another fellow who's...
  13. Re: The case for culling Otters

    Cheers for that Phil. ;)
  14. Re: The case for culling Otters

    Slightly off topic Phil, but what are your views on the contention that the otter's preferred food item is the eel? I'm not convinced myself but would be interested in hearing your take on it.
  15. Re: The case for culling Otters

    "I'm sorry that John Wilson is leaving the UK but he takes with him a point of view that has become redundant. It's not that he's wrong but that his solution belongs in Victorian Britain."

  16. Re: The case for culling Otters

    The programme is on TV right now (BBC1) and John Wilson has just appeared in a trailor for the Otter topic and described the otter as a 'Giant predatory rat with Doberman's teeth'. if that...
  17. Re: Beware the lost art of Fishing

    And that gentlemen is the sound of defeat. :D
  18. Re: Canal fishing (cambridge)

    The Cam is a river, not a canal bud, but it depends on what you want to catch. In the City centre the chub fishing is superb and feeder fishing minced beef with steak as a hook-bait is deadly.
  19. Re: Beware the lost art of Fishing

    Very reasoned debate.
  20. Re: Beware the lost art of Fishing

    I've re-read your first post and you clearly ARE having a pop at other people's fishing. If you were giving us a personal outlook why didn't you refer to yourself rather than make a sweeping...
  21. Re: Beware the lost art of Fishing

    "Is that supposed to be aimed at me..."

    It was aimed at anyone who thinks their style of fishing is somehow superior to others, and yes, that is the impression you give me, although you are far...
  22. Re: Beware the lost art of Fishing

    It beats me how anyone thinks they have the right to tell another angler what he/she should or shouldn't find rewarding tbh. Angling is a million different things to a million different people.
  23. Re: Does bait colour matter?

    Like so many other things angling related Jerry I don't think we can help ourselves from applying anthropomorphic logic to their behaviour.
  24. Re: Does bait colour matter?

    I've been doing that as a matter of course since the first time I used luncheon meat for carp back in the early eighties. It just makes plain common sense to me, though perhaps means less to the...
  25. Re: Does bait colour matter?

    Do fish see colour underwater in the same way humans do Jerry? Only I wonder if perhaps although colour disappears to the human eye at those depths maybe it doesn't to fish?

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