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    Default MacWagon For Fishing!

    The Next Generation Of Utility Wagons For Fishing!

    I find using MacWagons a blessing when i'm hauling multiple rigs over great distances. It greatly reduces fatigue and allows me to bring the right equipment. Last week i visited one of my normal spots to once again find others has left large amounts of accumulated trash.So i started policing the area and realized i filled 3 hefty bags and had some large loose items. So i emptied my MacWagon & loaded everything to haul 10min away. I heard a "crack" & found the weight of that load cracked my tire in half!

    Ok, needed a new MacWagon. I was ****** but what could i do? I visited Target to Walmart. All places had utility carts but nothing close for my needs. Then an internet search revealed exactly what i needed at Bed Bath & Beyond in town. Also if i joined the online site i'd receive an extra 20% off if i purchase anything within 48hrs.

    I really like this next generation of MacWagons! Roomy & folds down for easy storage. So i field tested this wagon & found it better then the previous model, but also a few negatives that the previous unit never showed. Still all in all a major step-up!

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    Default Re: MacWagon For Fishing!

    Looks a useful piece of kit . I think you take marginally more than I do!

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    Default Re: MacWagon For Fishing!

    Yes, i'm always trying different rigs & i like fishing up to 2 days in the field. Ice, water, food & bait becomes my priorities. Most times i share my supplies with others who didn't plan their day correctly

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