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    Returning to fishing after a 20 odd year break. Have bought a Shimano Hyperloop Match rod and keen now to do some legering and looking at buying a multi tip feeder for method fishing on commercial waters for bream and carp (and pssoibly some river work for Chub I was looking at the Hyperloop heavy feeder around 40 or the Shakespeare Quintip.
    Anyone got any views on the above or anything else I should consider...

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    The pro Performance 12ft graphite feeder rod as 2 tips and is a good bye at 339.99 from W.M.A.C. RRP 99.99

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    Sorry 39.99.

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    Shrek Guest


    Karl, if you're happy with the Shimano Match rod, then I'd say got for the feeder rod too as you know the quality you are expecting. This LINK is from the members review area and gets a good thumbs up.

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    ive got a pair of leeda obsessions 3 tip quivers and there a good all round feeder,ive had 18lb carp and 7lb chub and they preforom great..andy

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    I also returned to fishing after a long break and bought a Hyperloop Match Rod, I soon bought the medium feeder rod and it is excellent.

    I use it on a commercial fishery for method feeding and light stick work on a small fast flowing river and it has been excellent. I got mine for 37.50 and after using it I would have quite happily paid double !

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    im looking for a rod and reel for river and lake fishing up to 40,
    anyone got any ideas ,

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    Just had another day on the same fishery and comfortably had over 100lb of carp from 1 - 6lb on the waggler, the rod performed brilliantly, I was only using a 16 on 2lb 4oz hooklink and it did not pull a single hook !

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