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    Having recently heard good reports about this braid and its bite detection advantages when feeder fishing at distance into deepish water I spooled up my Shimano superaero with the 4lb version and fished my local reservoir.I found cast well but i also found i was missing bites where my 1oz tip never moved.Ican only think it was because of its bouyancy was preventing it from being tight to the feeder. Any other solutions to this problem?.

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    When you cast lt everything settle then tighten. Leave for a couple of mins then retighten up you should have no problems with bite detection.

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    Thanks Bryan Ill certainly give your welcome advice a try as i cant think of a much more frustrating situation than missing out on what could be good fish so thanks again and i will forward my results soon.

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    Michael, after you've used it a few times the coating on the fireline braid will start to wear off and the line takes on a slightly gray colour. When this happens it's nothing to worry about as the line will sink more easily and its better than when it is new.

    Incidentally, don't strike when using braid as you'll bump or pull out of too many fish. Just give the rod a gentle sweep backwards a foot or two and wind in.

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    Thanks for your advice Alf. I will follow it up.I do have a mono shock leader of 4lb to cushion the strike but i take your point.As you say the line is as yet still new so a bedding in period is needed to get the best from it so thanks again.

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    I wouldn't have thought the 4lbs would have enough bouyancy to cause you any tensioning problems, but bear in mind it doesn't sink to the bottom like mono so you get a lot more liners.

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    my advice is simple michael for feeder fishing stick to mono its alot less hassle to be honest stick with mono for all your coarse fishing,,,i admit for lure fishing i do use braid but you just cant beat mono for coarse fishing,,,and its a darn"t sight cheaper!!!!!!!.

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Err, are you sure - I get two seasons' use out of Fireline. I have to change the only mono I use - 20lbs Big Game - every couple of months.

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