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    Hi there, I have recently undertook a project for a friend to manufacture an all welded stainless steel constructed fishing barrow, we were both pleased with the project and he mentioned how difficult it was to source one for a resonable price. I am giving strong consideration to using my current surplass time from manufacturing waste compactors. to produce these hand made all stainless barrows. I would value any comments here and indeed any indications of anyone else who currently offer full stainless steel barrows.

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    Would it not weigh a tonne

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    I am looking for a barrow that turns into a bait station like the Penrose Pupps, system, but I cannot now find a Penros system as I believe they may have gone out of business?

    Is this the style you are building?

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    MarkTheSpark Guest


    I want a barrow that turns into a dinghy, then I can row all my bait out. And converts to an armchair.

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