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    I am fairly new to fishing and have been advised to get some Avon floats for river fishing. I got via mailorder a set of Drennan Avon's which look great but I am a little confused as how to rig them. I thought that they were designed to be set up like a stick float using rubbers, but the bottom end has a hole which would seem to suggest you set them up the same as a waggler. Can someone advise on how I should be using these floats.

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    Barry Edney Guest


    Hi Paul,

    You're right, Avons are designed to be fished similar to stick floats. I don't bother threadling the line through the hole but fish them double rubber styley.

    Your river probably has a fair bit of water pushing through at moment. In these conditions your Avons would probably be better than a stick. Bulk the shot about 18-24ins from hook with just one shot beneath the float to act as a depth gauge if the float slips up the line. Maybe a couple of No.4s below the bulk will really get that hook close to the bottom.

    You could also do a search in the technique section at the top of this page for 'First Class Fishing' (I think thats what the series is called) You will get more in depth information there.

    Hope this helps, Barry

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    Rig your Avon floats the same as a stick float, i.e. with 3 rubbers, one above the body, one directly below the body and one in lieu of using the ring at the bottom.

    Don't forget though, that it is a lot easier and safer to remove the bottom rubber when you need to move the float either up or down.

    Hope this helps.

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    hi paul,

    i've recently prchased the same floats to hopefully begin trotting my local river, i was hoping to get some hints and tips for holding back the float.

    many thanks


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    in order too hold back you simply apply a little friction to the line leaving the spool by gentle finger pressure applied to the spools rim /front of spool effectivley slowing the line's release ,and retarding the floats smooth progress in doing so.

    a lot depends on the reel your going to use ,a centrepin would only require the gentle touch of thumb on its rim

    a closedfaced reel you'd cover the gap between the cowling and winding cup / relaese button and trap (& release) the line behind your finger or let it trickle over it

    with a openfaced /fixed spoolled reel you trap (& release) the line behind your finger pressed against the front rim of the spool oe direct too the line on the spool& let it tricklepast it slowing it down .

    when your float is running through your swim ,the float is actually travelling slightly faster than your bait near the bottom and lags behind the line

    but when you apply pressure to the line you slow the float ,allowing the bait to precead the line in the flow .

    and the harder you hold back the higher the bait rides up in the current ,which the fish can find irrisistable as it flutters in the current
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