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    On reading the reviews of this line I am considering buying some,what Iwould like to know is the diameters of the 4lb& 6lb lines

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    jon helyer Guest


    According to the measurements in this year's Tackle Box catalogue, the 6lb Sensor diameter was 0.22mm, although on the spool it says 0.235mm. Don't know about the 4lb because they didn't measure it!

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    I tested Kensaki Bulls Eye Feeder Dyneema 0.14mm - 6,8 kg - 15 lb.
    This line is probably not (yet) introduced in the UK, but its performances are comparable with what I found with other more popular brands.

    It is a very supple, round, smooth, uncoated woven line with very good knot strength. (I seldom found problems with knots in dyneema.) The line-core is probably polyester, responsible for its promised sinking properties.

    A problem with braids is that the line is very easily compressed, so you can't measure them with common tools. The best way therefore is comparing them with calibrated mono under a strong magnifying-glass.
    I found a diameter about 0.20 instead of 0.14. This is common practice with braids.
    However, as suspected, the breakingstrain of 15 lb turned out to be a meagre 8 lb. I found once an 11 lb measurement, but the line parted most of the time around the 8 lb mark.

    Furthermore, the line did not sink. Because you canít expect a new line to sink immediately, it was thoroughly washed first. After 12 hours it still floated on the surface. After washing the line with soap there was little improvement. I had the same sinking-problems with Suffix Feeder Dyneema, a line which is very similar to the Kensaki. I have to say I did not yet fish this line, so the sinking problems could be not that severe.

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Probably not much help but I used Sensor for pike and zander fishing when I used mono, because it was cheap as chips.

    Don't know what you plan on using it for but it's slightly thicker than some of the premium monos, knots up well but the strains I used (15 and 18lbs) had quite a bit of stretch and tended to go ribbony and twisted after a few trips.

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    It's cheap and cheerful and as long as you can allow for the excessive stretch it's a great gen. purpose line. Just replace it when it looks tired.

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    Albert Watkinson 2 Guest


    a very good line for the outlay.i dont think the short sighted barbel can tell which is 16mm or 25mm.i am on 28mm at the moment.go any thinner and you cant get em out in iffy pegs.they dont need to be double figure barbel either.

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    Have used nothing but Sensor for years now.

    The reason being is that is that although it might not do any one thing brilliantly, it does everything well. Stretch, abrasion, knots, limpness, lack of memory. You can take it anywhere and have confidence in it.I only wonder what people do when they spool up with the ultimate abrasion resistant line, only to find out that it they need to long cast in a snag free area?[img]/forum/smilies/confused_smiley.gif[/img]

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    I've been using 4lb and 6lb Sensor for all my chub, perch and roach fishing for about 18 months now and have been getting on really well with it. It was been very reliable, especially in hit and hold situations.

    I tried Sensor Clear in 10lb a few years back, for my barbel fishing and didn't get on with that. It was realy springy and would jump off the spool. There seems to be a phenominal difference between Sensor and Sensor Clear.

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    Hi Matt

    I also use sensor in 4 and 6lb and find it pretty good.

    I've started using 15lb (not clear) for barbel on the Ribble. It does seem to spring of the spool if given some slack. In my case, it may be because the spool is pretty full and just needs a few meters stripping off.

    I was using it for float ledgering for pike the other day and found the line would sometimes spring when slack.
    PaSC Junior Development Officer ><((((¬į>

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    Jim Crosskey 2 Guest



    Sensor is excellent line, i use 4lb for waggler, 6lb for feeder and 12lb for carp/pike(all brown) and its performed well for me, never let me down on a fish.

    Couple of tips - personally,with the reels I have with 4lb and 6lb line on, only the top 100yds or so is the lighter line - the line underneath is 12lb. This means that you only need to replace the top 100yds orso (whichmeans a bulk spool lasts you ages!)

    Secondly, when I respool line onto the reel, I make sure the line is coming off the back of the spool (the one without a label) as this seems to significantly reduce line twist.

    Go for it - it won't let you down.

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