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Thread: float box/case

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    Im searching for a float case/box that I can put all my valuable floats in, even the longest wagglers schould fit in the box without breaking! so the question is Where can i get it??store? brand? price etc?? thanks!

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    Last time i had one, Bennets of Sheffield used to do them. It was a woodern case with foam strips either side to hold the floats.
    perhaps they might be worth a call.
    Can still remember the advert on the back of angling times (always on my wish list when younger!).
    Hope this helps.

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    thanks! I am going to take a look on their website now. I dont live in the uk so calling them is not such a good idea hehe!=)

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    dear Alexander, i make my float cases out of fox rod tubes,cut the top section off where the lid is , to the length you want, then take the bottom off and re glue it on the bit you cut off .Perfect float case, if you have not got one, maby a friend has,

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    This one is worth a try:

    Foam Strips for Float Box

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