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    Matthew White Guest


    What groundbait is best when fishing for chub and barbel. Ive used liquidised bread before and had some good results but I was interested in what other people use.
    What is the best stuff for filling a feeder with to attract the fish and also what is best to use when I just want to plug the ends of my feeder full of pellets and/or particles.

    Cheers Matt

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    jason fisher Guest


    mix of ground peelet brown crumb and crushed hemp.

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay Guest


    For much of my chub fishing which has been done on small rivers such as the Upper Ouse and Leam.

    Ordinary mashed bread has been the best groundbait I have ever used.

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    try dynamite baits marine pellet groundbait, add pellets & hemp & fish a hair rigged pellet 10 mm, 14mm . or just put pellets & hemp in a cage feeder & a banded pellet, & fake pellet on the hook. smoking tactic..........

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