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Thread: Power Pro Braid

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    Barrie Simmonds Guest


    Do you guys have any experience of this braid?
    Is it really better than mono, and does it stand-up to the long term rigours of feeder fishing on pools and rivers?

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    it gets rave reviews on some sites,and does
    get recommended for lure fishing & trotting
    and verious things i've not tried it yet as
    i intend to put some on my okuma centre-pin
    and try it for trotting.i do know of a web
    site where it can be brought quite cheap.

    Chavender Floats
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    It's great stuff. I used it at the weekend in very snaggy conditions at distance and it didn't let me down once.

    It's well behaved (no wind knots) and it's good value too.

    I attack mine with a marker pen to camouflage it a little. As with most braids this needs doing every couple of sessions.

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    madpiker Guest


    it`s one of(if not the) best braid that you can buy, in my opinion.i use it for all my pike fishing these days,plus boat fishing at performs well on fixed spool reels as well as multipliers.

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    Keith Orange Guest


    I use 30lb Power Pro for piking - it's a good product. It's better than Fireline which is stiffer and tends to go fuzzy with use.

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    Barrie Simmonds Guest


    Thanks for the feedback guys.
    All I've heard and read about this product is positive so I'll be ordering a spool fron the website that chavender suggested. At 19.95 including p+p for 300 yards its the best price I've found so far.

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    madpiker Guest


    that`s cheap,i`ve just had a look at their site,shame they don`t do 65lb and 80lb as well.

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    Phil & Jo Hyde Guest


    I use 20lb on a Fin-Nor lite 4000 (best medium fixed-spool by far!), its been on the spool since May 2002 and used for Snook, Jack Crevalle, snappers, weakfish, also in the U.K. for Mackerel, gars, Bass, Pollack...I cannot fault it.
    'Nuff said. Worth every last cent. Won't tell you how many cents, your tongues would probably stick to the floor!!
    Phil Hyde

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    That guy on the link sells on ebay as well, he's a friend of Woody's, he sometimes does the lower breaking strains as well and if you give him a ring and leave your phone number he'll ring you when he's got a stock. I believe he buys it in bulk from USA but he's certainly the cheapest by far.

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