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    I was in a tackle shop yesterday and saw some Drennan Dacron hooklength material back on the shelves.As I have very nearly exhausted my supply of the original brown 'Carp Dacron'this was good news.For my money it is a superb hooklength for Barbel and Chub and at less than 3 a spool compared to a tenner for braids.The only think I did notice was that the cut end has a tendency to fray that I cannot recall the earlier versions doing. Nice flecked gravel type colour but colouring up with a permanent marker works well.I saw 10lb 12lb and 15lb so it fills the gap nicely with the heavier Cortland Micron dacron.Lies as flat as a pancake on the bottom with no putty or lead coils required.It passed it's first test last night with two big Thames Barbel (10lb version).

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    I have been using Dacron too, admit I was attracted by the price coupled with the Drennan brand.

    So far it has caught me both my pb chub and barbel.

    It does seem to fray a lot when cut but a quick waft over a lighter melts the end enough for knot tying etc...

    I went for the weed green colour 15lb myself. It's bl@@dy strong I can tell you that. I rate it very highly.
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    Strange about the fraying, as I said I can remember using dacron well over 20 years ago for Carp and Tench that would have black cannot recall the maker, then a camo version which I think was Masterline and then Cortland fly backing as a hook length for Carp.In recent years I have used Drennan Carp Dacron which they stopped doing until this latest type. I can never recall fraying before.As you say it is not a problem just an observation but makes me wonder if they have added a component not previously used in dacron.

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