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Thread: Help on a pole

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    Hi chaps, can any body hand me some info on a pole with a buget of 100 as i have never pole fished, if any of you are selling one with a few extra kits mabye, or any tackle shops selling a good pole with extras??

    I saw in Dragon carp direct, an 11m pole that will handle elastics upto 16 comes with an extra top 2 kit and pole roller and a few rigs, for 49.99, ive heard that there products are good but they are cheap becasue they are not a known make?, wghat do you guys think of this offer.


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    could anybody tell me were i can get extra top tips for enticer polefrom please,thanks peter.

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    Whatever you do, don't purchase a pole without at least holding it... Pop down your local stop and try out a few.. Try a few in your price range and then one around the 350-400 mark... Just as something to compair it too... Try to get one that you feel comfortable holding... one that's not too heavy... There are a lot of poles out there for the 100 that you have to spend. Once you know what you like then shop around for it.. Even try ebay...

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