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Thread: bite indicators

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    Any idea on which bite alarm to buy??

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    Fox MMX do me proud. Have forward and drop back indication.

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    cheers mate any idea of a price?

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    Mine were about 45 each, but i'm sure if you search the net you can find em a little cheaper.

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    stephen cartledge Guest


    Has anyone used the microsonic bite alarms for dragon Carp? I am looking for a budget bite indicator as I rarely fish with bite alarms, and saw that they sell them for 24.95 and you get one free as well

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    I'd stick with Fox at the lower to mid price points. Mine are nearly 10 years old and have been heavily used.

    The MMx sells for 50 to 55 and is about the best buy but the entry level (around 30 I think) will last you years.

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    Stuart - you;ll need to team up your alarm with an indicator of some sort such as swingers, hangers and so on.

    Otherwise you'll miss drop back and won't see many bites.

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    Cheers Matt Brown, I got 3 Nash outlaw alarms from a carboot sale for 25. Don't no if they are a bargin yet, all working, will test them next weekend. Anyone heared of nash outlaw's???

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    listen i personally rec the delkims excellent the txi plus are good but if you put on a pod make sure you get spacers as the only downer is the little switch at the bottom over then that they are the nuts,
    expensive but worth every penny

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