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Thread: cased fish

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    im a very keen collector of cased stuffed fish if you or you no of someone who may be willing to sell a case please forward my details i would be very gratefull i also would be interested in talking to anybody who owns cases and maybe getting some pics ive a great knowledge in this subject
    YEAH i no how can anyone be interested?
    Well the art of fish taxidermy goes way back to the old masters think about they didnt have cameras like us today so they had the fish stuffed anyway do want to bore,if anyones got some or the same interest get emailing
    regards to you all
    oh yeah and tight lines........

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    I know someone who is thinking of selling his latex cast of the record Roach. Apparently there were only a few if these casts done but I guess you will probably know more about it than he does.

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    not really interested in cast moulds but thanks anyway....

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