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Thread: Rod Tubes

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    Hey guys, my first post on here so go easy please. Im looking to get some rod tubes about 3 inch diameter to accomadate the big eyes on my rods. anyone know where i can get some decent priced ones??

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    Evan Guest


    Any good plumbers suppliers.....

    Don't pay the rip off prices demanded by tackle shops for the self same pieces of lightweight drainage pipe fitted with endcaps and charged at 3000% profit mark up..... !

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    Evan, is it possible to get the end caps too?

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    I dont call about 3.00 for a rod tube expensive, its cheaper than the drainage pipe. Drainage pipes are made from High Impact plastic, and do crack. I know cos I tried one, the careful airport luggage handlers managed to crack the bloody thing. I recently purchased a Carp Rod from WMAC, they sent it in a really good polythene tube with end caps, about 4" Dia, at no charge.I would strongly suggest DO NOT use plastic, if you must go to a builders merchants get Polypipe, with some end stops, more expensive than similar rod tubes,as supplied by Tackle shops, but wont crack.
    Alternativley go on E-Bay, type in Rod Tubes, and loads of Cordura Tubes come up, again at quite cheap prices.

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    Bob Lancaster (ACA) Guest


    buy proper ones they are only a fiver you wont get a drain pipe for that and as david say,s they do go rigid and crack unlike shop bought ones. if you value your rods then buy the best you can afford

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    Latham's do a 3" rod tube for 3.29.
    They don't charge for postage for orders over 10. The service is the best I've ever known. If you phone your order through in the morning you'll get it the next day.... And they're really nice people too!

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