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    I have my lovely Map feeder system rod, i used this rod only three times twice at 11 ft for roach and skimmers in winter at a local lake, it is a brilliant rod and it handled all the fish i hooked admirably. And the other week for carp at a local match lake at 12ft with a small flatbed method feeder, to say i will be sorry to see this go is an understatement. the only reason for sale is that i need a new bivvy as my old one has fallen to pieces

    Any way it comes with / is

    11 ft butt section
    12 ft butt section
    13 ft butt section
    2 x Mid Sections
    2x tip carrier sections
    4x quiver tips
    Product comes in nylon?? bag with oval hard tube

    Map Say

    "This is a rod that covers all situations. The Feeder System offers a combination of 11’ 12’ and 13’ rods, with three butt sections, two middle sections, and two carrier section’s, you can now set up two complete rods, covering all situations. At 11ft and with the lightest tip fitted, this rod is perfectly suited to the lightest of rigs and shyest biting roach and skimmers. At 12ft it is a versatile feeder and bomb rod ideal for bream and small to medium size carp. At 13ft it enables Method or blockend feeders to be easily cast the required distance on bigger waters. Supplied with 4 carbon tips which have been carefully designed to suit the rod perfectly, the Feeder system covers lots of different situations. Beautifully finished with black whippings and Fuji reel seat.
    Parabolix Feeder System £199.99 "

    I am only looking for around £125 (+P&P) so this has to be a Bargain


    Forum admins + mods please leave here for a bit i have had no response from the classifieds section Thanks

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    OK then make me your best offers, i will consider anything sensible


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    Surely someone must have an offer for this rod


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    hi ryan ,

    i have one of these rods and your right there a brilliant rod for bream/skimmers plus possibly other species!

    im keeping mine even though i dont use it as i fish the rivers for barbel mainly but for what you get selling 2nd hand its not worth selling!

    good luck john

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    Thanks for the reply john,

    I would keep it but i am trying to minimize my tackle and the amount i use this rod doesn't warrant it's place in my bag because i rarely do this style of fishing, lovely when i do use it though


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    I will accept offers of around £100 Including standard postage.


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    Sorry I have withdrawn this rod from sale after using it yesterday at 13ft lovely, (Unless someone makes me a great offer!! )


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    I'll give you £120 inc postagefor it if you still want to sell it. Give me a bell on 0791 7367502. Clive

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