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Thread: Chub/Barbel Rod

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    Default Chub/Barbel Rod

    Hi chaps,

    I'm toying with the idea of getting myself a chub/barbel set up for some sessions on the Dane in Cheshire and smaller rivers in Somerset (possibly v. rare trips to Severn or Avon) as a bit of a breather from carping.

    I'm on a fairly tight budget, so was hoping to spend less than £80 for both rod and reel if possible...

    I was thinking perhaps the JW Avon Quiver would be ideal, but I'd welcome any other suggestions!

    Many thanks!

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    Default Re: Chub/Barbel Rod

    Check out the Wychwood Rogue's... good rods and cheap.

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    Default Re: Chub/Barbel Rod

    Can second that - have a Rogue. Splendid value for money.

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    The rogues make an excellent rod for barbel, but I think you should be looking for a heavy feeder type rod. Something like an original drennan big feeder or series 7 competition feeder could be purchased for around 40 to 50 notes on eBay, and would do the job admirably.

    Alternatively, the series 7 Avon quiver in 1.5lb test would be ideal - they are close to 100 notes new but shopping around might see you get one for 50 / 60 pounds.

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    Smile Re: Chub/Barbel Rod

    wychwood do make some truly excellent rods and sell them at
    a very competative price i use a pair of their twin tip 13 foot
    barbel rods and found them excellent also the drennen series 7
    avon quiver 1.5 t/c is also an excellent rod you could also try
    one of the greys take a look at climax tackle thay do have some
    amazing deals,you could pick up a real bargain.
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    Default Re: Chub/Barbel Rod

    If you can get a Fox Warrior XT Barbel Twin Tip on offer then have a serious look. It's 1.75lb tc and has 2 full tops, one an Avon, which has handled carp to 10lb and the second tip is a white quiver which is slimmer and more sensitive than the Avon tip. Great rod and I'm really glad I got mine!

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    Default Re: Chub/Barbel Rod

    Fox barbel special at 1.5 if you can get hold of one, a good alround rod for chub and barbel.

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