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  1. Default Float rod and reel recommendations


    I am looking for a mid range float rod and reel, with a bit of power and and smooth reel.

    I have looked at the Shimano CATANA, can anyone recommend a decent reel? I also saw the FOX Warrior float rod and EOS reel. I'm looking to spend around£150.

    Also, are the reeks a universal fit or will a Shimano REEL only fit tons Shimano ROD?

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    Default Re: Float rod and reel recommendations

    With rare exceptions, pretty much any appropriately sized reel will fit any corresponding rod. Brand names are immaterial, you can mix and match if you want to.

    The only time you are likely to run into trouble is if you try to fit a big pit/surf casting reel to a general coarse rod or older carp rod.

    Whilst I have (and would have more) Fox rods, I wouldn't buy a Fox reel with someone else's money.

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    Default Re: Float rod and reel recommendations

    Chapmans have a good price for the Hardy Marksmen XT range of rods and the greys G-tec power float. For a reel I like Daiwa reels, take a look at the harrier match

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