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    hi there i was just wondering if anyone else in suffolk has noticed that birds fishing tackle (where i worked a couple of years ago!) has totally lost the plot they have a shop with great prospects but its ran by idiots there prices are getting worse aswell and now its getting to the point were i will drive 3 times the distance to a different tackle shop i just want to know where you lot think the best shop in suffolkis and what your veiw is on birds tackle???????? sorry about the spelling mistakes i spent my english lessons planing my next fishing trip lol.

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    I don't know Birds i'm afraid Luke butido use Tackle up in Bury St Edmunds when i'm passing through & theres two very nice "birds" that work inthere!

    Seriously though, Tackle up.....Cracking shop.

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    yer i have been in tackle up a few times and do agree about the birds in there lol trust me carry on going there mate cheers for the reveiw mate

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    tackle up - i loved that shop, sneeking home with a plain brown bag full of orange balls. bet its changed a bit in the 23 years since i've been there!

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    Hi there Luke,

    I use Birds Tackle regularly and find that it is a much better placesince a self opininated little layabout left about 2 years ago.

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