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Thread: Bivvies?

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    Default Bivvies?


    I'm not a bivvy type of angler at all usually but my plan is to start fishing further a field than my local waters, and therefore I think a decent one will be advantageous.

    I'm after the lightest one I can get hold of that is also easy to set up and down. Does anyone have any experience in this regard that could perhaps point me in the right direction?

    Budget not particularly an issue. Must have a front on to keep the weather out.


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    I have not been a bivvy angler although I have fished for a while. This year however I bought one for similar reasons as yourself. I just fancied the odd longer session away and I like camping but you need a bivvy if its on a fishery.
    I doubt there is enough difference in weight in any of them to consider very important as they are transported in a car and then a barrow/trolly.

    Mine is an economical one man from Angling Direct of all people. It seems well made enough to last a few mild weather sessions a year. I couldnt see the point of an expensive one which was not going to get weekly use.

    It takes only a few minutes to erect and the only thing I think it misses is a front hood which would be useful.

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    I have a JRC Stealth Brolly MK2 System brolly system for the wetter weather and a Prologic ENS easy night system 1 Man Bivvy which clip on to a bed chair and goes up in 5 minuets which is good for the summer 1 or 2 nights it has been used in some rough weather and is 100% water proof




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    I use one rarely, but I have a JRC 1 man Contact bivvy which I've found perfectly ok for 3 season use.

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    I use a bivvy just a few times each season and definitely prefer that to a minimal "overnight" or extended brolly system.

    The Westlake Fragment 2 man is good value and an excellent piece of kit. Go Outdoors are the main stockists and with their discount card often has good prices. I got mine for £149.99 and it included the supposedly separate pram hood extension. Currently they're offering it at £179.99.

    Westlake Westlake Fragment 2 Man Bivvy | GO Outdoors

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    Cheers chaps, some decent suggestions there that I will look into, thanks again.

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