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    Default Live Bait Rigs WORK!

    Live Bait Rigs From Off A Pier!

    When i fish i use multiple baiting systems. This day the float rigs were getting cut during the day but the live bait rig at night struck twice. This was the first strike. I used my floating bait rig leader system. From my 40lb mono mainline to a 3-way swivel (2/0 & 3/0) my lead line with a 6oz bank was 6in long. My 50lb fluoro leader was 2-1/2ft long. I used 2 Mustad 4/0 Demon Circle Hooks. A very simple & effective system. You can keep your live bait alive using a bucket of water with a air stone but i prefer this system. Fish is healthier with better oxygen circulation & the sensitive nose doesn't get damaged from smashing into the hard bucket. This means the bait is at full power before it's rigged.

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    Default Re: Live Bait Rigs WORK!

    Sorry Chris but the obtrusive disco/ techno soundtrack ruined your video! I couldn't watch it! Why do people who produce vids on Tackle and techniques persist in having irritating and obtrusive background music I'll never know!

    If you want to promote music rather than fishing / okuma products and other Tackle then fine otherwise ditch it!

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