Unexpected Hook-Up While Live Baiting!

Today i was catching live bait for shore casting. In 1 scoop i picked-up so much "Nehu" baitfish that i threw most of them back. I was loosing that bait to bait stealers until one of them got hooked. A young Bluefin Trevally "Omilu" which i released. I did catch a large live lizardfish which is like candy to GT's "Ulua". Earlier i spotted a 12-14lb Bluefin Trevally chasing the baitfish only 20ft off the pier so i used that fish as live bait.

After 30min the baited line started to move, changing directions slowly. At first i thought i had hooked an eel. When i tried to pull it in i discovered i accidentally hooked or snagged a sea turtle. First time in years, wasn't expecting that. I tried to break the leader line since the leader was 40lb fluorocarbon to the 50lb mainline. Couldn't net it since it was too big & if it swam away it'll get tangled within the net & die. My only choice was to bring it in as close as i could and cut the line.

The turtle looked unharmed as it swam away. Couldn't tell if the line was wrapped around it or if it tried to eat the lizardfish. In the past i've helped others by double teaming the turtle with pliers to safely release it. Today nobody was around as it was Thursday afternoon and it's usually quiet at that time of day. I usually will try to pull the hook out. If it can't be done i'd cut the exposed line. Unfortunately this will happen occasionally when casting baits.