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Thread: Korda Krusha

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    The packaging on the Korda Krusha carries a disclaimer to the effect that "due to the materials used", it's not suitable for processing food items (i.e. for human consumption).

    Anyone any idea why this might be? The only thing I can think of is that plastic microparticles might end up in the food items, but then everything we eat and drink is already supposed to be contaminated in this way anyway...

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    I’ve used one for a few years but wouldn’t dream of using it for human food items, for that I have a grinder, a food processor and a blender.

    You are are probably right though regarding the plastic particles.

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    Some types of plastic are simply not deemed safe for use with foodstuffs for human consumption. Perhaps it's made from one of those. Alternatively, it may just be legal backside covering on a product never intended to be used on human foodstuffs.

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    Exactly right just like this.

    The label says" May cause drowsiness "

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