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    Default Guru bread punch kit?

    Anyone brought one of these? I felt a little let down in truth as they don't have a split in the side of the cutter, so much more awkward to put bread on the hook. I think the Matrix set is much better, with the brass heads. £20 not really worth the money in my view. Rich.

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    Default Re: Guru bread punch kit?

    I bought one a couple of years ago and gave it away the meat/bread sweated inside the sliding compartment and as you say there no slot in the cutters
    I now have the preston punch kit which has the slots
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    Default Re: Guru bread punch kit?

    I have a set of Matrix punches and they only cost about £6 or so. Damned good they are.

    Edit: Matrix Bread Punch Set 4/6/8/10mm 5056212103447 | eBay
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    I think the guru ones are more for if you are using the punch on the feeder or bomb with a bait stop.

    You can punch out 2/3 pieces of bread or a piece of meat at once and attach to a hair rigged bait stop or the drennan quick stops.

    The matrix ones with the slit in the side are more for directly putting the bread on the hook itself.
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    Default Re: Guru bread punch kit?

    I have one, surprising eh. If I was to go fishing with just bread for punch, I would take this. As it is I cannot do this for mental reasons and the kit takes up too much space in my cool box / bait bag. I just take the Drennan punches or just one of the guru punches.

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