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Thread: Line thoughts?

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    Default Line thoughts?

    It's not easy to find a nice sinking line in a fine diameter these days, I'm talking wagger fishing.

    Years ago it was very simple as Maxima was the only line I'd use, it was soft, sank well and bullet proof, it also had a decent amount of stretch. But some years they change it, and the colour was like ginger almost. I used it once and did not like it at all.

    Does anyone still use it, and are the attributes about still part of its make-up. Its just about the only sinking line I can find in 3lb and under? Is it still that awful colour, and is it better now?


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    Default Re: Line thoughts?

    Yes I use it for my feeder fishing and waggler....... to be honest I’d not noticed a change but I’m not saying it hasn’t it could have !
    I really like it for the feeder it seems to sink ok .......
    I did try a guru line for my waggler because some young lad told me I was a dinosaur and modern lines are better....... whilst I agree guru line is finer for the diameter I don’t think it’s as strong as the equivalent maxima....... so maxima it is for me.
    I’m sure other people have different preferences this is just my opinion......
    By the way when I used the guru I lost a couple of floats that’s something that hasn’t happened to me in over 20 years so hence my lack of confidence in it.

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    Default Re: Line thoughts?

    I use Shiman Aero and Maxima, both decent lines, Also have reel spooled up with Preston Innovations line another with Sensor,
    I would say the shimano is the best of the lot.
    All makes on reels are different breaking strains.

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    Default Re: Line thoughts?

    I was gonn'a say sensor .......but sensor floats .

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    Quote Originally Posted by tigger View Post
    I was gonn'a say sensor .......but sensor floats .
    We all have days like that buddy, wait another few weeks when the shack nasties bite?

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    Default Re: Line thoughts?

    I think most lines float, or lay on the surface tension, a quick flick of the tip or cast beyond your actual fishing spot and wind in with the rod tip beneath the waters surface will sinks it ok. If there's no wind or surafce tow it doesn't matter wether it sinks or not really.

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    Default Re: Line thoughts?

    There can’t be many lines that I haven’t used over the years. I now mainly use Sensor. I know many don’t like it but I don’t think I have ever lost a fish because of it. I bought a bulk spool of Maxima a while back and thought it was a bit thick and stretchy. Also used Guru Drag line and found that the same.

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