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Thread: Maxima

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    albert watkinson Guest


    endorse everything that ron clay says about this line.have had several multiple catches on it .why did i change?.tough and reliable for a given breaking strain.ron has just brought it home to catch rate has dropped since i stopped using it.why did i desert thee..

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    Ive used maxima for years and have found it totally reliable. Supple, sinks well, knots well, abrasion resistant and reliable v breaking strain. Struth am I in complete agreement with Rontroversial.

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    Phil Hackett Guest


    Never used anything else for hook links for over 20 years. The best line made IMO.

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    I have actually just started using Maxima Line, for both the spool, and hook lentghs. Since using it my fishing seems to be better (Although that could be anything making that happen)

    For a long time i didnt think that line make was important, but it does seem to work.

    Best Regards,


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    Dave Barringham Guest


    Fantastic gear. 600m of 6lb at less than a tenner makes it unbeatable. I've got some I bought in 1997, stored in the dark, and I still have utmost faith in it. I use it for virtually everything except hooklinks and stickfloat fishing, even down to 1lb bs for light pole work. I can't big it up more than that, or someone might think I own the firm that makes it...

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    Maxima line is great, except perhaps the pink stuff.

    Ultragreen and Chameleon aretough, sturdy andreliable and you can be clumsy and it will still be good.

    You have to take care of Perfexion but it's lightness,fine diameter and low springiness makes it a great line for casting.

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    The best reel line there is have used it for 20 years plus tried others but have always gone back. Buy the 600m spools very economical in the end. This is perfect for waggler & feeder fishing on rivers. You can chuck a feeder 80 yards with 3lb Maxima & no shock leeder.

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    I use Maxima in 5lb (0.20mm) and 6lb (0.22mm) flavours for hooklinks when using 6lb (0.24mm) and 8lb (0.26mm) Daiwa Sensor reel line respectively due to it's finer diameter/BS ratio than Sensor.

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