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    graham hepworth Guest


    Are there any users (current / past) of the Nash Profile Special who would like to pass on their experiences and comments of the product both good and / or bad ?

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    Les Clark Guest


    I am useing the nash profile plus,i think,I cant remember,but it was the d/b`s at the time,a couple of yr`s old,and it still is as far as i`m concerned,go`s up in 2min`s,you can get most of your gear underneath,I use it whenever i`m fishing on my own,one day or three,no problem, the only drawback is that,it take`s a long time to dry out.

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    graham hepworth Guest


    Thanks for that Les, any other members got anything to add ?

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    I use a usual Nash Profile and would say its a top bit of kit. I've had mine about a year and spent countless weekends in it. If you get your kit organised then there is no problem with rain. I find it gives you just enough room for a ruck sack at either end of you bedchair.

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