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    i'm new to carp fishing, but well and truely hooked. I have limited funds but everyone i ask tells me to get a shimano hyperloop with a 2.5 tc, they seem inexpensive, should i be worried?, or should i just buy it and see?


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    ian jay Guest


    I bought a couple, about 6 weeks ago. For the money, they are excellent value.


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    Ken Stevens Guest


    they are good rods i have the 2= 2 3/4 and the 2 1/4 for surface fishing

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    Andrew Robinson Guest


    Bought one of these and a Baitrunner reel to go with it, cost about 95 for the pair. Excellent value for money, they rod has a realyl nice action to it, regardless of if its a 5lb fish or a 25lb fish.

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    Geoff Cowen Guest


    I would spend a bit more and go for the Fox Rangemaster 2. You can get them for 70 and they very good, much better quality that the cheaper Shimanos.

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    Stuart Harvey Guest


    i've just bought 2 new hyperloops for 70. you can't go wrong.

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    lewis pointon Guest


    ive had my hyperloop 2.5lb tc's for a season now, they are excelent rods for the money and they have a nice action to them.they are brilliant for 35 each

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    Hi All,

    I have Recently bought the Shimano Hyperloop 390FA, I have to say that this rod is not only Comfortable to use, but also Fun! I had a good Session on it last year, with the biggest being a 6lb Ghost Carp, Boy oh Boy was it fun! I have never had a rod that gives so much fun! The action is good, It is vey soft, but Casting is Superb and Playing the fish, well thats a different Story! Even the small fish made the rod Bend. I also saw a post somewhere saying the rod is becoming popular with Carp anglers, And they have landed Carp upto 22lb on it! I would love to land a 22lber on it! The rod seems un breakable!

    It is just one off those rods that you cannot put down, It is very Light, And it gives a real feel of the fish when playing. And best thing is it is only 44.99!!! Money well spent! Id reccomend this rod till i go blue in the face!

    Id love to hear other peoples views on this rod.

    Best Regards,


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    Shrek Guest


    Chris, I've got the 420FA rod and I agree, as a match rod, it's good.

    As for carp to 22lb, I'd rather land that on a Hyperloop Carp Rod. They are about in the same price bracket as the match rods and represent excellent value for money.

    I don't honestly think you'd stand much chance of landing a 22lb carp on the 390FA, even though it would bent through the butt !

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    u looked at the fox warrior rods?

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