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    Ken Stevens Guest


    has anyone tried the new the source boilies from dynamite baits and if you have what is your opinion on them cheers ken

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    Yes, they're GREAT. They're kinda sweet flavour with Bird Food and I just got a standard bag. I found that the action was a bit thick and fast but then slowed down for the rest of the day. Interested to see if this happens to anyone else with this bait or itf it's just my rig?

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    Ken Stevens Guest


    tried them myself today and had 3 carp 11 lb 11 1/2 lb and a 16 lb had 2 on 15 mm baits and 1 on a 20 mm i will keep using them through the winter and next summer and see how things go

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    Does anyone know the shelf life of these or the best way to keep them, I am from the US and I would like to buy some to keep until spring fishing starts.

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    Haven't used this type but have used other boilies from the dynamite baits stable. Shelf life boilies will be OK for up to 6 months once the packet is opened. Store in a dry, cool and dark place with the bag re-sealed to prevent cross contamination of flavours from other baits. I use a small table top bait fridge.

    Freezer baits will keep more or lessindefinitely provided you don't let them thaw. However, I still like to use them within 12 months as I would anything else from a -18 degree C domestic freezer.

    It's been said before, but it's worthy repeating. Bait manufacturer's note:

    We pay good money for your products. INCLUDE A "BEST BY" DATE!!!!! NOW!!!! Because we're worth it and you want us to buy your products.

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