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Thread: Pro Gold

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    Anyone else found that this line is noticeably much more limp and supple than the majority of other monos? I get the chance to try them all, but this one is outstanding. Have I been lucky enough to always get a good batch of this, or unlucky enough to sometimes get poor batches of competitor's lines?

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    Cakey Guest


    -Graham could you sent 3' so I can play please.
    got to get off this Bass Pro....cant get it here anymore.

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    jason fisher Guest


    progold is a good line i used it a few years back for piking in 15lb.
    i can't get it anymore round here though.
    i'm currently using bar buster though.
    when we abrasion tested it, by tying a one oz weight onto the end then drawing it back and forwards over the edge of a brick most lines break around 20 to 30 pulls the bar buster was still going at over 100 pulls when we gave up.

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    Some line on its way soon Cakey.

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    Dave Rothery Guest


    used progold for years (before going to braid) on my long range spools. casts really well. not quite as abraison resistant as big game, but then a lot thinner.

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    I'm using 20lbs Big Game on a couple of leger rods at the moment. First time I've used mono for three or four years, the stretch is incredible. Had three fish drop off one after another Saturday because I wasn't setting the hooks. Then I had a take on my float rod, bent into this one extra hard, it surged off and the bale arm snapped clean off the Baitrunner (mind you it was six years old...).

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    I have used this line since it first came out and have found it 100 percent reliable. I have caught hundreds of good fish on it and never lost one due to a line failure. There might just be others as good somewhere but I haven't found them yet. The only thing I don't like about it is the price.

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    The best line i have used. Pro Clear is brill to.

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    Dave Slater Guest


    Limp and smooth. Sounds like a politician )

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    Nick Austin 2 Guest


    i'm spooled up with it at the moment, pleased so far!...

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