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Thread: new carp rod

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    jim turner Guest


    basically my local tackle shop 3 rods i like the look of........ 'Nash outlaw xs' 'shimanio hyperloop ax' and 'leeda zero tolerence' and experinces pros/cons?

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    Never used any of these rods but heard good reports on the shimano hyperloops.

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    the hyperloop is an ok rod but if i were you, i would go for the nexave fa it comes in 13 and 14 ft.

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    nash outlaw xs i have a standard outlaw which is the cheap verson of the outlaw xs and it is brillent best rod i have ever had and dose excatly what i want it to do

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    Ross Turner Guest


    What is your budget?,If its under 100 there are plenty of good rods on the market.I have just bought 2 Greys prodigys 2.75 rods & the write ups of this rod are great.

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