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    Richard Huggett 1 Guest


    Collected my 12.5 metre Assassin 11 yesterday and wondered if anyone has any used one yet ?

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    james hunt Guest


    i am tempted to buy one myself please let me no how you get on with it.
    is it easy to handle
    is it ok on a canal
    can you hold it at full length.

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    Richard Huggett 1 Guest

    Default have email re the pole.

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    james hunt Guest


    i think i will opt for the shimano technium xt. twice the price but good reviews and well recomended by local tackle dealers.
    i still havent seen a review for the assasin 12.5 metre which is strange as a lot of the big tackle shops advertise it as a best seller. (anyone no of a shop selling cheap shimano xt)

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    Yes Rihard I go in Feb good pole

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    Hi..I bought one recently and used at my local pool on Monday for the first time..I found it quite unweildy in a stiffish breeze and resorted to the waggler was pretty floppy at full length and although I waggled it about when I bought it I think I was seduced by the spares and the extra margin pole that came with it..It was Ok at about 9m but maybe it would be better in calmer conditions..I suppose its a case of you get what you pay for but I really cant see me using it much. I have a Maver pole I bought secondhand for about the same price as I paid for the Leeda and it is so much lighter and stiffer than the Leeda I will probably be putting my Assassin II up for sale on E bay! only used once and 1 careful owner!

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    Hi Guys,

    I am looking for top 4 sections fromLeeda Assassin 11 (power tip) 12.5 mpole. Happy to purchase whole if cheaper.

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