BIG PERCH Challenge X

peter crabtree

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Oct 8, 2008
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Metroland. SW Herts
Yes! it's that time of year when our attention turns to big predatory fish. BPC this year will be the 10th annual challenge in the series.
Please report on this thread your big perch caught WITHIN the TIMESCALE BELOW. Please also try to take a photo of your catch even if you're unable to post pics, as I or another can help with that. A description of your method and the type of water where your perch was caught would also add interest.
Last year's winner was Tone1 with a 3:14:0 perch caught on lobworm from a midlands river.
The record for this challenge is 4:11:8 caught by Chubberbob a few years ago.
The U.K. record is 6lb:5oz!

RULES. Challenge starts midnight 31st August 2020.

Any legal method. Bait, lure, rod, pole or whip.

To claim you must have made at least 10 previous posts (any subject) on FM..

Challenge ends midnight March 14th 2021

Finally-Please keep this thread chat free as it makes my job much easier if I don't have to wade through pages of chat trying to put the final table together..
If you want to chat about perch, or anything else, please start your own new thread.....Thanks and good luck....
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Dec 16, 2010
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I'd love to do this but big perch in ireland are rarer than hens teeth. 2s not that common, 3s fish of a lifetime 4s unheard of