Big Vic's Bait Netting Produces Strikes!

Scuba Chris

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Jan 25, 2018
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Making Bait Bags From Big Vic's Netting Will Help Save Money & Increase Your Strike Percentage!

I've been using Big Vic's Bait Netting for years by making bait bags from them. I use frozen squid, shrimp to fish to stuff the bags. Also live crab if you can catch one. The finished bag helps prevents smaller fish from eating your hook barren. This helps in saving your bait supply & costly trips to buy more bait. I found circle hooks work the best for solid hook-ups. Throughout the years i've caught Jacks, Barracudas, Stingrays & Sharks surf casting from the shore.

Sometimes huge eels will roll-up into a ball. No problem. Use gravity & height. I tied the leader on a raised branch. This will cause the eel to uncoil and be more "co-operative" to being unhooked. My partner Wayne Choy has been extremely successful cutting whole rock crabs in half at night & has been pulling in huge Emperor Fish "Mu". One day we filled 2 coolers with Bonefish "Oio" & Ladyfish "Awa'awa" surf casting bait bags using crabs & squid. We had to leave early because we filled our coolers.

Using Big Vic's Bait Netting works. We've proven this for years.