Ever Wonder What's Happening Down There?

Scuba Chris

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Jan 25, 2018
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Ever Wonder What's Happening Down Under?

Today i used Big Vic's Bait Netting stuffed with frozen shrimp to entice reef fish to pose for the Spydro Underwater Camera. I made 3 sets from 6ft to 15ft in areas that i know have little to no structure so less chance of it getting snagged (Had to dive for the Spydro 3X now). I was using 3 Okuma Surf rigs and it's hard to predict which rig to place the camera on since i'm limited to the 3hr recording time. For me to guarantee a hook-up caught on video i'd need 12 units for a 12hr period to cover all rigs providing i get a strike.

You can tell which sets are the deeper ones, the background blue is darker w/less background noise. At the videos end in 6ft a large Bonefish appeared. Got it on video within a minute of the unit running out of power. I find it very interesting watching the habits of the fish. Still waiting for a large strike. I hope when that happens that i'll be able to capture the battle without possibly loosing the unit. Again enjoy the show:)