I've Binka'd me Marksman Specialist!


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Oct 2, 2006
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Stuck on the chuffin M25 somewhere between Heathro
You really are a bit special. I'm amazed you're allowed out unescorted.

I "did" the tip of a Hardy Gem fly rod threading the line through it first time out. Rang Hardy's who barely a week later sent me a brand new top section free. Not even an admin fee. I hadn't even sent the guarantee registration card off. Times change though.

Had exactly the same happen to a couple of other rods and fixed them meself.....though its best to reposition the next nearest ring or it looks a bit odd. Fished all one morning at Farmoor without a tip ring. The trout didn't mind and it made no discernible difference to my rubbish casting.

Daiwa however wanted more than the rod cost to provide a new top section after I walked into the ressie wall carrying me rod....the footpads. I politely declined....though I'm not sure they agreed with my observation that they were a bunch of thieving barstids having me over.
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