NEW 14' Surf Rod w/a Coronado Baitfeeder-A Quick Peek!

Scuba Chris

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Jan 25, 2018
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Okuma's NEW 3pc Surf Rod! It's Almost Here!

Squeaking out another morning of legal Covid fishing. Not sure what's going to happen after the State's 9/23/20 modified proclamation's deadline next week. Some already know about my 3yr project on a 13ft & 14ft Surf Rod. A few years ago my buddy Jeff Robles introduced me to John Bretza while spin casting. John heard me out & thought this was worth pursuing. After a few years and 4 prototypes both sizes are currently being produced by Okuma Fishing USA.

Another Okuma buddy Robert Nguyen suggested using this Coronado baitfeeder on my rod at the last product show we did together. Well, i'm loving this baitfeeder. 5yrs ago i used the Okuma Trios Baitfeeder and it handled 2 large Stingray strikes within hours of each other. This unit is the next evolution above the Trios in power. On my 13ft Surf Rod i'm using the NEW Cedros 8000 Spinner. I'm still trying different configurations but i like what i'm using now.