Shore Casting Cork Leaders! And Cleaning Your Catch!

Scuba Chris

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Jan 25, 2018
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Casting Cork Leaders & How To Clean Your Catch!

How to limit those small critters from eating your bait? You can't, but you can slow this process by adding cork floating balls that suspends the bait higher in the water column. Putting yourself in the open for predators to see will limit how much of your bait you will loose.

I'll also share some baiting & casting tidbits like using WD40 on your rod's ferrules to "fingering" the line on the spool to maintain the distance casted while walking back to the rod holder. Also i'll demonstrate cleaning your catch in the field so your wife/gf won't yell at you for flicking scales all over the kitchen.

My basic casting system will help some of you new anglers enjoy your fishing experience. Good luck & please be safe out there:)



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