Haith’s have unrivalled experience at supplying bird foods by mail order direct to your door, anywhere in the world. The company was founded in the 1940’s by John Haith who developed the mail order side of the business from a small pet shop in Cleethorpes. Their range of seeds and foods remains unmatched and continue to provide the highest quality at competitive prices.

The new SuperRed groundbait from Haiths is a rich blend of seeds with a flavour of aniseed that has been developed by Ken Townley. Red in colour and easy to prepare and needs no adding to it. An overnight soak is all that’s needed to get this ready for fishing. Place the groundbait in a bucket and add water until you get the right consistency or slightly wetter than you want it. Check after an hour and add more water if need be.

When you get to the bank you can add water to get the mix to the desired consistency you require for your fishing. If you want to add flavours to the mix then do so when you add the water for soaking. This mix, will depending on how wet or dry you mix it, can be used for open-end feeders, balling in or even method feeders.

SuperRed groundbait is another top quality seed groundbait from a company that just gets better all the time and you can go to their web site to find out more by clicking this link: