Christmas is coming!!

Looking through the office window and whinging about the weather wasgetting tedious, so we went for a stroll round the tackle shops in CyberStreet to see if we could spot a few stocking fillers. In the end wefound enough to fill a keepnet and here they are for your delectation.

Email Santa if you want to drop a heavy hint to somebody for a Chrimbopressie, or just hit ‘I can’t wait for Xmas’ if you want one all toyourself!

Go on, net yourself a nice piece of Christmas kit. You know you’re worthit!

The Castaway Cold Stopper

This superb pack contains a top quality Thermal Hat, Gloves and Snood for an amazing price of £ 9.99 + £ 2.50 P&P.If you want to keep out of the cold, its a steal!What more would you expect from a top quality shop run by and endorsed by quality anglers.

I can’t wait for Xmas! Price: £ 9.99

Dr Orme’s Xmas Bargain

With £ 10 off, this Xmas offer is bound to catch your eye! Normally retailing at £ 35.75 the pair, Dr Andy Orme’s “Roving For Barbel” book, and his “Hunting For Barbel” video have been tied together at a 28% discount for FISHINGmagic members. One of the Country’s leading Barbel experts, Andy is a former winner of the Angling Times ‘Fish of the Year’ award, and the founding Chairman of The Barbel Society. There are 30 years of experience distilled into 172 pages and an hour of video, and you won’t get it cheaper anywhere else!

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I can’t wait for Xmas! Price: £ 25.75

Brand New for 2002 Barbellers

New for 2002, ORIGINAL Videos have two new Barbel vids, Barbel, Up Close and Personal Parts I & II. Priced at £ 15.99 each. Or, if VHS isn’t your wont, how about John Baker’s stunning book, “Modern Barbel Baits and Tackle”, in your stocking for only £ 16.95. While Original are in the process fo building their website, they currently can’t take e-com orders, but drop them a mail (click on the pics) or call them on 01474 708707. Postage and Packing of £ 1.50 will be added to any orders.

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I can’t wait for Xmas Price: £ 15.99/£ 16.95

Fishing Waters around Essex, Herts, and Kent

This could be the most useful book you ever own. This little gem was one of the year’s biggest sellers, unsurprisingly as it contains fantastically detailed information on over 180 of the best day ticket venues offered by the three top angling counties nationwide. For the cost of a day ticket, you simply can’t go wrong…

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I can’t wait for Xmas! Price: £ 7.99

The Petzl Tikka

You have probably heard of this already, but here is your chance to get it into your stocking. Given a rave review on our sister site this ultra light-weight (only 70g including batteries!) takes three AAAs, works on one set for 150 hours, and while you might think there is a flouro tube on your head, you won’t look as daft! If night-fishing is your bag, this one is a must have….

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I can’t wait for Xmas! Price: £ 29.99