In a statement the Carp Society have announced that Horseshoe Lake will reopen for angling on Wednesday 14 September at 9am. Further to fish samples being taken from the site on 01 September CEFAS have concluded their virology test for KHV and the results have been confirmed as negative.

David Mannall, Carp Society Commercial Director commented:

“As you know we are determined to find out the root cause of the fish deaths in mid August. The EA will continue to test for bacteria and parasites, and will work closely with CEFAS on our behalf.”

“With further testing ongoing, as a precaution we are going to instigate a regime of disinfecting equipment on entry and exit to the site. Dips will be in place for Wednesday morning and all anglers MUST use them. Failure to do so will be viewed as a rule infringement.”

The lake has been closed since 15 August due to a number of unexplained carp deaths and the last reports (30 August) suggested deaths were then down to one a day.