I grew up reading about the exploits of Ivan Marks and Roy Marlow as part of the all-conquering ‘Leicester Likely Lads’ squad which dominated the match fishing scene during the early 1970’s but it was not until much later that I met Roy for the first time when we were both actively involved with the Professional Coarse Fisheries Association.


Roy’s common sense approach to commercial fishery management was always a pleasure to see at first hand and his Glebe Fishery remains at the forefront of the genre to this day but there is much more to Roy than commercials as this podcast, the first in a short series with Roy, reveals.


It was marvellous to spend a morning in his company and over several cups of tea overlooking one of the pools on the Glebe we started off talking about Roy’s past before moving onto commercial fisheries and the role they play in today’s angling scene.


After a break we than moved on to a more in-depth look at Roy’s current involvement with Marukyu – and those conversations, which include a wealth of unique knowledge on baits and baiting, will be the focus of future podcasts.


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