My rod is a Drennan 1.5lb test ‘Super Specialist’ rod, matched with my old faithful Shimano 3000 GTM, this is spooled with the superb Drennan ‘Super Specialist’ mono in 6lb – It is tough as old boots and is man enough to cope with being dragged through submerged tree roots under tension. My pockets are armed with hooks in sizes 6, 4 and 2, swan shot, scales and forceps covering all eventualities. My camera and tripod are the bulkiest of my requirements and a necessity due to the procedure of ‘self take’ photography.  A Gardner specialist landing net handle and deep pan net complete the set-up.

I take great excitement from exploring the weird and the wonderful in terms of baits that can be used for stalking; but more often than not, it is a case of simple availability.