Gidday! Dave Barber, the New Assistant Editor for FishingMagic Here

Thought I’d write a little segment to introduce myself as the new Assistant Editor for FishingMagic, Graham’s new right hand man.

Dave Barber
Dave Barber

I hail from the fruitful lands of New Zealand, where the lakes, coastline and surrounding Islands are teeming with life! Growing up in Auckland, New Zealand, it’s pretty hard not to form a bond with the ocean, lakes and rivers and the bounty they provide.

As a kid I have fond memories of surfcasting off rocky outcrops with my brothers, into fast running, tidal currents at Ti Point and Matherson Bay. And I’ll never forget the crazy fishing experience of fishing off the side of a kayak on Great Barrier Island with my dad, armed only with a hand line, and catching huge snapper. A dodgy set up I assure you!

In more recent years, fishing off my 10 foot Aluminium Din-gee is more common, as is taking road trips with mates up north for a day’s surf casting, searching for the elusive Kingfish. I have also had some very exciting and full-on fishing charter trips with friends recently, which gave me some of the most memorable fishing I’ve experienced to date.

New Zealand also offers some of the best in big game fishing, the most popular species being the Striped Marlin, Blue Marlin and Yellow Fin Tuna. I have yet to experience true big game fishing, but look forward to the day!

Lake and river fishing is also very popular throughout the whole country; with the beautiful rainbow trout, brown trout and salmon the target species. I haven’t had a huge amount of freshwater fishing experience, having only done a few trips on Lake Taupo trolling for trout, so look forward to enjoying the great fishing that is on offer in the UK.

I look forward to meeting some of you within the forum, and will be posting some of my previous fishing trophy shots in the Gallery section, and hopefully soon, some of my PB’s caught in the UK!