Price: Slim Jims, 50 x 130mm, Super Rockets, 75 x 130mm, Snak Pax, 50 x 85mm, Mini Rockets, 75 x 85mm, all £ 2.99 for 20 bags or 50 for £ 5.99
Super Tubes, 85 x 190mm £ 2.99 for 10 bags

Kryston Say
Following significant investment in plant and machinery Kryston are delighted to announce the launch of their new range of Melt-ex PVA bags tubes and tape for 2005.

Unlike many PVA products on sale all Melt-ex bags are produced in house using the latest welding and seam technology. Again, unlike others, the Melt-ex material is embossed on both inside and outside giving a true double strength product.

The extra wide central vertical weld is significant; it totally eliminates the problem of weak side seams found with many bags on sale. Frail welded side seams are the main cause of bags bursting during preparation or casting.

Melt-ex super PVA is immensely strong, super tough, and a dream to handle, it guarantees true all season dissolve right down to freezing point. Some bags on sale become soft and unmanageable in certain types of weather, fear not, even damp or humid conditions do not affect the robust nature of this superb film.

Strong, welded seams with an extra wide central vertical weld

Another huge plus point is the anti-static finish that prevents the bags from sticking and clinging together, once removed they are easily opened and are child’s play to fill. As you would expect from Kryston they are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

The Melt-ex packaging is highly informative. The eye is immediately drawn to the easy to follow diagrams showing a brand new method of making ready to cast bags without having to twist and lick them! The size of the bag and its capacity are clearly printed which will help many when selecting the ideal bag for the job in hand.

The Snak Pax size is ideal for river fishing

The new tying method is so simple to use, even for the novice. Once the bag is tied it can be used in exactly the same manner as a dynamite stick. Even better news for the speed merchants who regularly bait up with mesh sticks, the Melt-ex bags are both quicker and easier to tie due to one end already being sealed.

The new tying method

The sizes in the range have been purposely designed for anglers. They can be used to tackle the full spectrum of situations that anglers are likely to encounter. Whatever your choice, be it rivers or stillwaters, margins to extreme range, these bags excel. In field trials the bags have achieved stunning distances, just ask Dave Jones of Swansea who recently cast one of the new Slim Jims a staggering 202 yards officially measured!

Considering the thought and work that has gone into this product range the retail price represents tremendous value for the angler. There is little doubt that thousands of anglers will be using Melt-ex during the forthcoming season.


Since the season opened I’ve used them on the river when barbel fishing and have caught fish so far to 11lb 3oz. The bags are strong yet melt fast and leave no excess residue on the end tackle.

Tied using the new method

The Snak Pax size ones are about the same size as a conventional swimfeeder and absolutely ideal for river fishing.

The tying method that Kryston recommend for the bags is a real bonus; one of those ideas where you wonder why you haven’t thought of it or seen anyone else using it before.

PVA bags are PVA bags aren’t they? Well, now we’ve got the new Melt-ex PVA bags and I reckon they’re exceptionally good.